As a a confident and creative person, who is self-motivated and self-sufficient, Angelika Kocis has a strong professional and academic background in music business. Through her BA degree and her five years of work experiences, she is exercised in various aspects of the music industry as PR, artist management, marketing, digital media, social media management, booking, music/film production, and event management.

Currently, she is studying the Music Business Certificate program at UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, and graduates in June 2019. In her previous positions at notable music companies in Germany and the U.S., Angelika worked closely with label executives, booking agents, business associates, artists, and creative people of all kinds. As of now, Angelika is the social media coordinator of one of the leading online magazines in Hip-Hop music and news, HipHopDx. Here, she uses data, coordinates posts, and creates compelling visual content on different social media platforms. While learning to use social media successfully and understand advertising, data, apps, and editing programs, Angelika became digital and technical savvy.

Growing up in a musical and artistic family - one of her sisters is a Opera singer and her mother a paintress - music and creativity has been all around her since a young age. While paying several instruments on her own (as the flute or drums), she grew up with different musical influences. From classical music that she experienced through her piano playing father, to R&B and Pop to being in a Rock Band and in front of the TV, waiting for MTV’s Hip-Hop selection - it sometimes did not matter what plays, as longs as it is good music. That is why her portfolio of artists she managed is versatile - from Hip-Hop artists as Nate Rose and Exum, to Country artist and singer/songwriter Brittney Spencer. Angelika uses her business skills and expertise to support aspiring musical talent and foster the music business as a whole.

Besides being confident and passionate about working in a fast-paced, challenging and exciting environment as the music business, Angelika is interested in travelling and experiencing different cultures. While she was born in Germany, her parents are from Slovakia. Growing up with various languages and cultures, she noticed fast how important it is for her to explore the world. Her travels through Europe with her family and later on her own through South-East-Asia for several months, made her realize how beautiful the world is. She learned how important it is to achknowledge history and cultures. Since a little girl, she always wanted to live and work in the U.S. and since several years she worked towards that goal. Her exchange semester at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in 2014, introduced her to the American lifestyle and different cultures. While doing an internship at CSP Music Group in Atlanta, Georgia, a year later, she realized that living in the U.S and working in the American music scene is her dream. Being in Los Angeles now and being involved in the music industry here, makes her come a little bit closer to fulfilling this dream. Angelika is taking every opportunity to travel and explore the U.S. While she is experiencing different views on society, politics and economy here, Angelika realized that America struggles with a lot of problems in society and politics. While she dedicated her Bachelor Thesis to the development of Black Lives Matter and its influence on Hip-Hop and R&B, Angelika informs herself steadily about African-American culture, rights of minorities, politics and problems in the American society.

Angelika is grateful for every opportunity, encounter and experience that evolves herself as a person and that manifests herself in the music industry as well as American society. Most important for Angelika is to support real talent and timeless music, that makes the world a better place.